Born on November 6th 1962. Shurman left Goldsmiths College after one year finding it demoralising with no impetus  preferring to be self taught. Early commercial connections included MAD magazine and working as an illustrator for Spitting Image, a weekly UK satirical TV show drawing over 15 million viewers at it’s peak.

Michael worked with Art PR Mark Borkowsci for over two years, culminating in his sell out show “Freaks no more” in 1997. Mark personally bought 11 originals on the private view and the rest sold out by the end of the first week.

His works grace the boardrooms of Live8, Big Issue and the Lighthouse, Camden and more recently painted portraits of Ian Brown, Richard Ashcroft, Howard Marks and an exclusive Bruce Lee for Underworld.

Michael’s spiritual guide is René Magritte who whispers hints and inspirations from a bench. Other artists who inspire are Hieronymus Bosch, Picasso and Max Ernst.